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Prayer Needs

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1. Asking for prayers for my brother, Jim Misley, in Cleve Clinic. Has had 2 surgeries - the 2nd one a few days ago, to remove a Baker's Knot from behind his right knee - it was stopping blood flow down the leg, leg was dying. He has had severe Juvenile Diabetes for 56 years, has been in a wheelchair for about 8 yrs. Prayers that this surgery does what the medical team hopes it will, so he will not lose his leg. 2. Prayers for my sister-in-law, Joyce Misley, who has been Jim's caregiver for 50 yrs, seeing him thru numerous diabetic comas, going unconscious from diabetic shock more times than can be remembered. She is beside herself, worrying that if Jim loses part of his leg, she will not be able to care for him at home. 3. Prayers for Gayle Pritchard - severe M.S., with a long list of complications, which progressively make her weaker and weaker. A new complication crops up about every other month. Her short-term memory loss is one of the worst issues. Constant pain in her head from 2 falls; new pain in her legs now; spasticity in her legs. Thank you all.