What We Believe

Core Beliefs

At First Church of Christ, we strongly believe ...

The Bible is God's Word to all humanity.

It was written by human authors who were inspired by the Holy Spirit. The Bible is our source for truth and our foundation for living.

2 Timothy 3:16, Psalm

Salvation is a gift of God through Jesus Christ.

We believe Jesus is God's son who died on the cross and was raised on the third day. Personal  salvation requires that we publicly confess who Jesus Christ is and our own faith in his sacrificial work on the cross.

John 3:16, Acts 2:38, Romans 3:23-26

Our purpose is to turn people into fully devoted followers of Jesus.

Matthew 28:19-20

First Church of Christ should be like the first century church.

It must be a fellowship meeting peopl'es needs and applying Jesus' practical teaching to everyday life. It is a church that partakes of the Lords supper each week and immerses new believers into Christ through Christian baptism just as the church did in the first century.

Acts 2:42-47

A church should be a nondenominational community of believers organized to focus in New Testament Christianity.

First Church of Christ is such a community. We metwork with a fellowship of nearly 6,000 independant churches across the United States.